Student philanthropy reaches new heights

During The Campaign for Berkeley, seniors raised the bar and then some.

The Senior Gift Campaign was begun in 1874, when students raised $48.10 to pay forward their UC Berkeley education. During The Campaign for Berkeley, seniors raised the bar and then some: Between 2005 and 2013, student fundraising volunteers encouraged giving to the tune of $789,007.09, supporting academics, libraries, athletics, and scholarships, and increasing participation 32 percent.

Caleb Alexander ’14 is continuing that proud philanthropic tradition for the Class of 2014, which hopes to raise $100,000 for the campus. President of the American Institute of Chemical Engineers at Berkeley, the senior got involved with the College of Chemistry’s Senior Gift Campaign, he says, “to help keep Berkeley the best university in the world.” His school’s campaign is raising funds for green chemistry curriculum programs and undergraduate student instructor support for the College Scholars Program, among other objectives.

“By making public universities the best in the world, the income gap shrinks as the 99 percent are enabled to improve their lives,” says Alexander. “Students gain by donating, because their donations, combined with the donations of the rest of their class and the dozens of generations of alumni, add a large amount of funding to the university — so we can stay on top.”

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