Bixby Center addressing population, health, and sustainability issues

“The endowment is truly a gift that keeps on giving.”

— Ndola Prata, Director, Bixby Center

Researchers in the Bixby Center know that complex world problems can have surprising solutions. A low-cost drug originally created to treat stomach ulcers, for example, could save the lives of tens of thousands of women who would otherwise die of postpartum bleeding; and training less-specialized health workers to administer contraceptive injections can increase access to family planning.

“The Bixby Center is at the forefront of investigating and understanding linkages between rapid population growth and health and development,” explains Center Director Ndola Prata (pictured). “We design, implement, and evaluate simple, cost-effective maternal and reproductive health solutions which can be carried out with limited resources to achieve public health goals.”

Thanks to a $10 million endowment given by the Fred H. Bixby Foundation, the Bixby Center for Population, Health, and Sustainability — a campuswide resource anchored in the School of Public Health — evolved from the smaller Bixby Program in Population, Family Planning & Maternal Health. An additional $5 million will support a future home for public health.

“The endowment is truly a gift that keeps on giving,” says Prata, “by laying a solid foundation for the notable impact of the Bixby Center’s interventions on local, national, and even global public health policy and practice, largely benefiting the poor and underserved in developing countries around the world.”

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