Brian Maxwell Fellows live out their passions

“I came to Haas with the aim of tackling some of the tough challenges facing health care.”

— Maxwell Fellow Francis Wong

Driven by his passions and risk-taking nature, the late Brian Maxwell ’75 toiled in his kitchen with his wife, Jennifer ’88, to create the game-changing PowerBar energy bar. But, unique as Brian was, the Olympic marathoner, homegrown food scientist, and entrepreneur was not a man apart. In fact, his enduring belief in people inspired Jennifer to create the Brian Maxwell Fellows program at the Haas School of Business in 2006.

“I believe in the future generations of entrepreneurs,” says Jennifer. “It is important to identify, assist, and develop exceptional minds who follow their dreams and strive to make a difference.” Each year, the program awards one or two graduate fellowships that provide $55,000 a year for full-time MBA study.

Jennifer “envisioned a collaborative group of like-minded individuals aspiring to embody Brian’s insatiable desire for innovation and creativity.” To date, 12 fellows have graduated — Francis Wong (pictured) will be lucky 13. The London-educated physician is excited to improve patient care through the better use of technology and hopes to develop his own start-up during his time at Haas. “Having this opportunity continues to be an enlightening experience that has strengthened my determination to keep on searching for the answers,” he says.

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