Renovated stadium and facilities raise the bar for Cal student-athletes

A massive upgrade for student-athletes and a reimagined space for campus and visitors alike.

Our student-athletes compete at the highest levels, and first-rate facilities help ensure that they can succeed at every level.

Our culture of high performance was best exemplified at the 2012 Summer Olympics, where Cal athletes won 11 gold medals, ranking us sixth in the world if we were a country. That same year Cal fully opened the doors on a revitalized and retrofitted California Memorial Stadium, state-of-the-art Simpson Center for Student-Athlete High Performance, and Lisa and Douglas Goldman Plaza.

The massive overhaul to Memorial Stadium brings the venerable structure to the 21st century while retaining its historic neo-Roman façade, a reminder of its origins as a memorial to University of California community members who died in World War I.

The new Simpson Center is now home for 13 men’s and women’s sports, allowing student-athletes to enjoy all facets of their programs on a daily basis under one roof — in many cases, for the first time. These include an academic center, locker rooms, training and meeting rooms, a cafeteria, and sports medicine areas.

The Lisa and Douglas Goldman Plaza is a scenic game-day gathering place that represents a reimagined space for the campus community and visitors year-round.

The transformed and upgraded facilities will help sustain and grow Cal’s culture of high performance for years to come.

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Memorial Stadium reopens

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